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USB Drivers for your Sprint Nextel Phone.



I think the term "Plug and Play" hardware with Windows machines is just a myth.  Like Atlantis or Big Foot!  If it was a plug and play world why would everything (except for your iden phone) ship with those driver cd's.  They could leave those cd's out and lower our cost right?  

So to sum up this answer DO NOT plug in your phone with out installing the Motorola Iden USB drivers first.

If you plugged it in first only to find you did not have the drivers, don't worry I am sure it will be just fine after you UNPLUG the phone and install the drivers.  See the links all the left  ---->>>   



Is It possible to just "plug and play" your data cable and phone? 

If I need drivers, where do I get them?



Please Note:

You will not be able to use an Iden Jal (Java Applet loader)  like WebJal or MyJal with the PowerSource phones, i930,  Blackberry, Sprint PCS, or any other phone other than the Motorola IDEN phones. A communication error will occur everytime.

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TIP:  A Communication error from WebJal AT THE END of a ringtone load is not a USB problem.  It is Webjal's way of telling you that you just loaded a bad ringtone.