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What is 



This is the address of my server.

You or someone you know  installed it. 

It is required to make webjal work.  With out that line in your hosts file webjal would communicate with Motorola's web server.  They no longer support webjal so you will get no where fast.  That line will redirect webjal to my server where I grant access to all.  You must leave that in there if you wish to load free Sprint Nextel ringtones with webjal. 

This line is NOT spyware.  It is also not a virus and nor does it cause pop ups.  



What is or

How did it get in my hosts file? 

Why is it there?



Please Note:

You may also see the following ip address in your hosts file,,, or which were my old or old but popular webjal servers.  To the best of my knowledge they all have been shut down and no longer work.

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TIP:  You can only have one line in your hosts file that references Motorola. Also a line that is started with a "# " will be ignored by windows.  This file is often read only and will not allow editing unless you uncheck the read only option in properties.  Virus scanners will also often guard this file from changes.