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Editing, Saving, coping, and loading your own phonebook for free.



Yes, you can make a back up of your Sprint Nextel Iden phone's sim card and store it on your computer.  Think about it, you have your life's contacts in there and you have zero memorized thanks to your phonebook.  Your phone is stolen, lost, or your sim card craps out on you.  Yes, statistically 1 out of every 3 cellular phone users will loose or have their phone stolen.  Odds are probably better if you are on Boost or Nextel thanks to the sim card.  They only use your card long enough to get a bunch of ringtones and games.  They then throw the sim card and put in theirs.  Chances are they will never get caught because you are using a phone that someone gave you.  Sprint has no idea that you have a different phone.  You gave your old phone to your friend (or a service center swapped your phone).  You call up and report it as stolen.  They then report your phone as lost stolen but it completely slipped your mind that your friend is using your phone and now has possession of stolen property.  If someone steals a Sprint or Verizon phone it is pretty much no good to anyone except for parts.

If you have a data cable you can quickly make a back up just incase.  There is no charge for the software.  This software will also copy your phone book from one phone to another phone. Of course they have to both be Iden phones.   You don"t need outlook or any other expensive programs to do it.  The link to the free software is here.

You will not be able to use an Iden Phone Book with the Hybrid Powersource phones, Blackberry, Sprint PCS, Verizon, Cingular, T-Mobile, ALLTEL, or any other phone or any other phone manufacture.  Phone Book Manager is for Motorola Iden phones only. For phonebook manager on the Hybrid Powersource Phones like the ic402, ic502, ic602, and ic902 or v950 click here

For the instructions on the smart phone i920 and i930 see here for sync with Outlook, free ringtones, and wallpapers.




Is it possible to copy, back up, or edit your Sprint Nextel or Boost phones contacts or phone book?

 Is it really free?

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Nextel address book:  

Nextel / Sprint has a subscription service where you can wirelessly backup and restore your address book on the fly.  It does require a monthly subscription ranging from $3 to $5.  Neat thing is if you forgot your phone at home or your battery is dead and you need a number out of the phone, just go to sprint.com and log in.  If you subscribe to this service and have backed up your info, you can access all your contacts. 

Mobile email:   

I also use a service called mobile email.  It is also a low monthly fee.  It works with Microsoft's Outlook.  You install a little program on your computer (requires an always live internet connection like dsl or cable).  The program gives you access to your email, calendar, and contacts.  You read, delete, respond, send, add, or change something on your phone and it happens at work or home.  You can set up alerts for new emails or reminders. Best of all it is about a 10th the cost of BlackBerry service.  Complaints would be Windows rebooting for an update leaving you stranded, no service on the Nextel, no luck on email.  Small screen and keyboard on phone.