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Ok so your still having problems using webjal to load ringtones, wallpapers, and games.. Or maybe just having problems trying to install or run webjal.   I do have most of the problems and fixes on my site you just might not know where to look. 



Where's webjal?  Your site is confusing!  I know it is.  I could make it easier but it would increase the idiots emailing me with questions and problems. 

I  want you to find it by reading and not skimming through it.  All those words on my page are there for a reason. 

  http://www.harrythompson.com/webjal.htm  half way down it says "save this file"  click on "this file"


Do you need the login and password for webjal?  see here



Did you do the above but webjal is not excepting the user name and password you entered?  see here



Are you having a problem with the patcher?  See here



Is webjal giving you a dev center message saying that the application was unable to retrieve the required information from the server?  see here



Is webjal giving you an error saying it is unable to authenticate with the server error?  see here



Do you only have the midi option and think you have been beat because there is no wav or mp3?  see here



Does the ringtone load then error out with a communications error at the very end?  see here



Is your phone busy doing another operation?  see here



You load wallpapers but you can't find them?  see here



Communications error while connecting the phone to webjal?  see here



There are NO known Mac Nextel programs (if you know of one let me know)! 



Webjal is not for the blackberry (instead see here)



Webjal does not work for Sprint PCS or any other phones like Cingular, T-Mobile, or Verizon

(I can however get the kits for most other phones for around $25 order here).  



Yes I do know of some good ringtone sites that are free.  See here



The Truth on the email you received saying telemarketers can call your cellular phone click here




If webjal freezes up at please wait and you waited forever and it still wants you to wait. 

restart computer and disable your internet security prior to starting webjal. 




Webjal will not work with the new hybrid/ power source phones ic402 or ic502. 

You need Mobile phone tools 4.0 (also works with just about all Motorola phones except all other Nextel phones)  click here for it.

Instructions on how to use Mobile Phone tools 4.0 to load ringtones into your ic402 or ic502 click here.




 If you want to do ringtones for the i930 go here




If you have the i580, i870 or i880 you still need to buy a data cable.




I am no good with Vista help. I have never even used it. I did find this posting on how to get it to work


Here is what  do know, the usb drivers were not compatible with vista so you really had to do a lot to get them to work. 

Now the drivers are compatible and you can install them right from mot's site.  www.mot.com/iden Click usa then support then pc

software and usb drivers.  Now the only part that I can't really help you with that the link above can.  Webjal has a usb driver installation

 built in.  It is the old one.  It checks to see if you have xp service pack 2 or above.. You don't because you have vista.  You need to right

click the webjal and run  it is xp sp2 compatiblity mode.   If you ran the install file on my site and stopped at the vista warning the usb file (not sure

if it is vista so I would get it off  their site) and webjal program needed for install are now in your c:\harrythompson folder. Now when you are done

installing webjal run this patcher and restart  the computer: patcher http://www.harrythompson.com/files_files/patch_harrythompson.com.exe





Well people often ask how can they help me out with out sending money?  Well a really good way to help me is by linking your site to my site.  Now I am not saying copy my site word for word.. That is not cool!  Put a link on your site that says something to the effect cool place to get free Nextel ringtones..  The more links to my site the higher it ranks on Google.   The easier it is for others to find it amongst all those bogus free ringtone sites.




You can email me if you still have problems.  Please let me know the error and when you get it.  Due to the volume of email, I will usually answer them with in 3 - 4 days.  Please be nice and keep in mind I am doing this for free.  I pay to host this site plus I host a full blown dedicated Webjal server but, did not write the software, so it is not "my software" and I don't really care if you think it sucks.  Oh and I am sure you will be surprised to know that I did not sell you those cds on Ebay. Multiple ebay people must make a hell of a living by selling those cds and directing the people who purchased those cds to me for free support.  Very important don't tell me you are going to donate if I help you.  It will not make me help you any better of faster.  I already know 99% of the donation flashers don't come through. 

Don't use asap or answer me now.  Also I only need 1 email.  If it gets returned to you or if I don't get back to you in 4 days then check your spam or bulk folders and if my email is not there then email me again you were deleted and bounced by my spam blocker,  I am ignoring you it is because my spam blocker blocked you.  So when you resend the email REWORD it the word webjal in the subject will bypass my spam blocker.   Please don't email over and over again.  Try not to use any curse words because guess what so do most porn spam.  I do not remote assist, im, or call people.  If you need help real fast don't email me go to 1 of the million iden forums.   

 If it gets returned to you or if I don't get back to you in 4 days then check your spam or bulk folders and if my email is not there then email me again. 




Use the word webjal in the subject to beat my spam blocker.






remove the <no spam> part or I will not get it.  Please use the word webjal in the subject to bypass my spam blocker.


 Another thing.  Any of you that have personal websites or use forums please post a link to my site with what ever search phrase you used to get to me.  If you search free Nextel ringtones the top 10 sites are junk sites that want you to pay and then don't even support Nextel even though they say Nextel.  The more links that google, yahoo, and msn find for my site the higher it is on the list.  Google and the other search engines use a simple scale to output your search.  1st the top 3 are those who pay the most for your click  then those with the most sites referring to them go down in order. So more forums, chartrooms, and websites the higher I am on the list.  The easier people can find a real site and not get suckered by someone trying to steal their money.   

Data cable to load ringtones, wallpapers, and games in Nextel phones for free.







Your phone is busy but you don't know what it is doing?  That error means you have a suspended java ap or java game running. 

Go to menu java aps then suspended aps and close all aps.  








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