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Nextel/Sprint i580, I870, & i875 MP3 Player


Ok,  Due to popular demand to answer the question "how do you use the mp3 player on the i580 or i870",  I am listing a quick how to on the MP3 player on the i870.  Seems in true Motorola fashion they did not make it simple. 


  Ok a couple of notes: 


The filename cannot exceed 32 characters including the file extension and any spaces.

This is simple,  characters = letters and spaces in the name and file extension = .mp3

So with that in mind:

Me so horny 2 live crew.mp3    Is a good name!     (27 characters)

House of Pain Boom Shalaklakboom.mp3   Is a BAD name!    (36 characters)

Freak on a Leash Korn.mp3  Is a GOOD name!           (25 characters)

04 Antigen Fiend - Subrosa - Never Bet the Devil Your Head.mp3    Is a BAD name!      (I lost count and gave up)

The Supported MP3 Format for i870/i875 is:

MP3 version MPEG-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-2.5.

Bit Rates (kbits/sec) 32, 40, 48, 56, 64, 80, 96, 112,128,160, and 192

Sampling Rates (Freq) (KHz) 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1 and 48.  (so for hz add three zeros example 8 khz is = to 8000 hz) .

Channel mode Stereo (2 channels) and Mono (1 channel).


Do not use any wacky non-letter (non-ascii) characters like.

period [ . ], comma [ , ], semicolon [ ; ], quote [ ' ], plus [ + ], equal [ = ], open square bracket [ [ ], and close square bracket [ ] ]

(please don't email me if your phone accepts them, I know some software versions of the i870 does accept them. It is just simple to say NO)


Always format your card prior to using it.  

Insert the card in the phone, Press "Menu" button and select "Settings",  "Advanced", "Memory Card",  "Format Card"

The phone will display All data on card will be lost. Do you want to continue? Choose "YES" key, Phone will display "Please Wait" until it is done.

Caution:  All information on the card will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered!!


Always have your music in the Audio folder

Your card should have 3 folders on it after formatting it  - AUDIO, VIDEO, and IMAGE


I suggest having the latest software/firmware in your phone.

Just a suggestion, If you have old software in your phone you are missing a lot of enhancements for the phone. 

A few examples are:  Support for some Non-ascii characters.  Improved communications with card.  Better support  for mini sd cards. Video capture fix. Bluetooth audio fix.

You will need a ringtone/data cable (if you don't have one you can buy one from me here this site and install the upgrade utility.

There are tons of places to get MP3 files

Legal places like napster.com itunes.com check out your favorite radio station's website.  Most have a $.99 song store. 

Or the not so legal places like limewire.com shareaza.com/ kazaa.com  kazaalite.com eDonkey2000.com Gnucleus.com  Morpheus.com Swapper.com  a list of more



Ok, now that all that has been said and you are still following me, 

right?  Great!

Lets get your MP3's ready.

If you don't have a file conversion utility already I suggest using DBpoweramp.  It is small, simple, and fast. 

DBpoweramp.com  has a nice new version that rips cd's and all that.  Only problem is it is a 30 day trial and after that it is $14.  Trust me it is worth $14 but I know.. I know..  I get the emails all the time saying some sorry story and I should feel sorry for you and give you free cables and accessories so here is your free gift:  an old version of DBpoweramp.  It is not as good as the paid version but hey it's free.


dbpoweramp.exe   and here is a add on for people who do not have mp3 files already.  Like the people who instead use media player to rip their files and now have wma files.  Install this after you install the program.  DBpoweramp_wma_codec  If you don't know what to do or what I am talking about, install both files.  It will not hurt anything.  Like they say the more the merrier!

I am assuming most of you don't have a sound conversion utility and are using dbpoweramp. 

Browse to your folder with your music (usually my documents, my music)

Right click the music file (if you now hear music, your other right).

Choose convert to


Choose MP3

Adjust the BIT rate slider.  To the left is poor quality but smaller files.  The slider to the right is better quality and larger files.  Remember the bit rate settings from above.  I set it in the middle which happens to be a 56 and 56 bit is acceptable (up above).


Choose the channels.  Stereo is good if you are using the stereo headsets (click here) but the file will be larger.  Mono (1 channel) is fine coming out the 1 speaker on your phone but would sound poor with the headsets. 

Set the sample rate (frequency).  Same thing higher the better but bigger the file.  See up above for acceptable settings.


Choose output to another folder like your desktop.  If you choose same as source it will over right your original mp3 file with this less quality file.   


Choose convert. 


Wait until it is 100% complete then click finish.  Keep an eye out on an error screen like this

Errors are caused by many things (and I am not dbpoweramp expert,  please use their site for help)

The most common things I found, I had the file open in a player (like media player), the file is copy right protected, or didn't have the codec required to convert it.  

No error good now go to your output folder (like I said desktop) then right click the file.


Rename the file to under 28 letters (see above).  Press enter.






Format your card  SEE ABOVE)

Remove your card from the phone. 

Insert it into the SD card adaptor .  It is another chip that is just a little bigger than the 1st card.

Insert the SD card into the USB drive .   Plug it in to your usb drive on your computer. 

If this window appears then choose open folder.  If not then go to my computer (normally on the desktop or start menu) and try any removable drives until you find a folder like the picture below.

Double click audio folder and now drag your mp3 into the folder.  Your done!  Yeah insert the smallest chip into your phone and turn it on.  After the phone connects press and hold the play button on the front of the phone until it starts.    


OH MY!   for a quick how to that was a lot of work!!   Now don't feel obligated to buy a larger card or stereo headset for your phone from me see here.  I also have a bunch more help files and links here.  

Webjal, ringtones, how to make your own ringtones, wallpapers, loading games and so on go here

Submit or read user submitted Nextel/Sprint websites to get ringtones, wallpapers, and games from 




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You can email me if you still have problems please let me know the error and when you get it.  Due to the volume of email, I will usually answer them with in 3 - 4 days.  Please be nice and keep in mind I am doing this for free.  I did not write the software it is not "my software" and I don't really care if you think it sucks.  Very important don't tell me you are going to donate if I help you.  It will not make me help you any better.  I already know 99% don't come through.  Don't use asap or answer me now.  Also I only need 1 email.  If it get returned to you or if I don't get back to you in 5 days then email me again. Please don't email over and over again.  Also if you don't get an email back it is not because I am ignoring you it is because my spam blocker blocked you.  So when you resend the email reword it.  Try not to use any curse words, I have them all blocked.  





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