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Webjal/MyJal USB installations and trouble shooting

Errors for Sprint Nextel's free ringtone software

The application was unable to read the required phone information.

Please check the cable connection and your preferences.


I now know you received a communication error but was it when you "clicked connect"?  Or was it when you were loading a ringtone?  If it was when you clicked connect you are in the right place.  If it was when the ringtone was loading or after the ringtone loaded, then you have a bad ringtone and you are in the wrong place click here .


   Here are a few quick ideas:



Iden Webjal will only work on Sprint Nextel, Boost, Clearnet, Southlink, and what ever other standard Iden phones.  iDen is a special division of Motorola.  The iDen phones are normally i models like the i880.  Webjal will work with almost all current iDen phones but it will not the hybrid/power source ic phones like the ic902 (see here for software). It will also not work with Sprint PCS phones, Blackberry (see here), or the Iden smart phones like the i930(see here).



After you press the connect button on webjal, Quickly unplug the usb cable from the computer and quickly plug it back in. If you time it just right, it will establish the connection and work.  It normally will take a few tries to get it to connect.


If you have an i580, i870, i875, i880, or i885, try powering off your phone.  Remove your trans flash or micro sd "Multimedia card" and power on your phone.  Now try webjal. 


The other thing, if your phone has this option, is settings, advanced, memory card, usb mode set it to off.  


Close any suspended java aps running by pressing menu and choose java aps.  You will see a folder called suspended aps.  Choose it and you will see the applications that are still running.  Choose close or end.


It is extremely common to have a phone that loads ringtones on your computer and then plug in another model/phone (especially the i580 i870 i875 i880 i885) and it not work.  You will need to reinstall the drivers. 




I have more advanced ideas are here!